Where left and right brain collide, pushing the status quo.

About us

Since its founding in 2013, Cache Ventures has emphasized a work-life balance for all employees, and it has proven to play a vital role in our success. We attract and retain highly talented and dedicated experts by ensuring each employee is comfortable, cared for, and positively challenged.

Our Team

  • Sean heilweil

    Sean Heilweil

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Jarrett lusso

    Jarrett Lusso

    Co-Founder & CTO

  • Dan arnold

    Dan Arnold

    Director of Engineering

  • Evan berquist

    Evan Berquist

    Lead Software Engineer

  • Emily jack

    Emily Jack

    Director of Customer Success

  • Nick older

    Nick Older

    Digital Designer

  • Kristen cassella

    Kristen Cassella

    Executive Assistant to CEO

  • Kat garcia

    Kat Garcia

    Operations Manager

  • Raymond lang

    Raymond Lang

    General Counsel

  • Brad adkins

    Brad Adkins

    Entrepreneur in Residence

  • Kitty kellman

    Kitty Kellman

    Operating Partner

  • Joey scarim

    Joey Scarim

    Software Engineer

  • Earl mincer

    Earl Mincer

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Zach garcia

    Zach Garcia

    Software Engineer

  • Joel kellman

    Joel Kellman

    Business Development

  • Olivia tillema

    Olivia Tillema

    Customer Success Manager

  • Mitchell kellman

    Mitchell Kellman

    Customer Success Manager

  • Kevin tillema

    Kevin Tillema

    Customer Success Manager

  • Bernardo rocha

    Bernardo Rocha

    Operating Partner

  • Nadia motta

    Nadia Motta

    Director of Sales

  • Luiza zeccer

    Luiza Zeccer

    Marketing Manager

  • Nikita kukreja

    Nikita Kukreja

    Customer Success Manager

  • Pedro de oliveira

    Pedro de Oliveira

    Customer Success Manager

  • Douglas spessatto

    Douglas Spessatto

    Marketing Manager

  • Mike marian

    Mike Marian