We seek to minimize risk and maximize returns, meaning we only invest in companies with a clear predictable path to success.

Investment Thesis

We look to acquire proven software businesses that have strong metrics and potential, supported by significant growth. By introducing our infrastructure, Cache Ventures works with founders by leveraging our expertise to quickly accelerate growth while delivering solid returns to our investors.

How it works

  • Investment Criteria

    • ARR between $1-$5m
    • Minimum 3 years in business
    • 60%+ of revenue is recurring
  • Transaction Types

    • Growth Capital
    • Leveraged Buyout
    • Distressed & Special Situations
  • Industry Focus

    • Ecommerce
    • Lead Generation
    • Software as a Service

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of businesses do you buy?

    We look to buy businesses with a subscription revenue-based model. Typically these are Software as a Service (SaaS) companies that generate 60% or more of their revenue on a recurring basis. We tend to focus on AdTech or MarTech but are generally vertical agnostic. We like businesses with around 70% gross margins.

  • How do you value a business?

    Typically we value a business based on revenue and profitability. We consider your ideal customer profile, position in the market, and unique value proposition. We’ll also determine if your business is a vitamin (nice to have) or a pain killer (solves a problem).

  • What is your ideal customer base?

    We like businesses that have less than 30% revenue concentration among their top 10 customers.

  • How does Cache view remote work?

    We’re pro remote work and founded our company as a completely distributed team. Offices are generally great for collaboration, but impose problems in terms of focus. We’re more concerned with what you can offer, not where you perform the work.

  • Does the location of the business matter?

    Typically no, the internet provides a tremendous opportunity to operate global businesses. However, within the US, we are typically fond of tech hubs in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Austin, and Miami.

  • Do you require founders and leadership to stay on?

    We’re happy if the founders or leadership would like to stay on in a functional role for a short or indefinite amount of time, but it is generally not required.

  • How long does the acquisition process take?

    We like to move fast, and can close within 30 days, though some situations may take longer.

  • What happens to the company post acquisition?

    We'll immediately start developing a roadmap focused on growth. If management doesn't stay on, we will hire or implement a new team to carry out and execute the new roadmap.

  • How can I be sure my business fits the bill?

    If you're concerned your business doesn't fit the bill, feel free to send it to us anyway. We'll take a look and let you know within a couple days if it's a fit.