We buy awesome businesses.

We focus on acquiring, strengthening, and growing internet-based companies with our founder-friendly process.

Our Strategy

  • Plug & Play Systems

    We use our proven playbooks to create and curate a database full of potential customers and invest in bringing value to them on an ongoing basis.

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    Remote Workforce

    With a global footprint, we operate with a distributed team covering multiple time zones capable of serving our multinational customer base.

  • Winning Spirit

    We bring a creative solutions mindset to problem-solving. No defeat, be optimistic. Pretty much everything is fixable, and most decisions are reversible.

  • Bunts & Singles

    Give up on hitting Grand Slams with a billion dollar TAM. Narrow down the market to a specific customer that we can be the best at serving, and grow from there.

Our Thesis

There are intelligent entrepreneurs globally that are adept at identifying and building great software. Once these companies reach product-market-fit, it’s not uncommon for the company to grow beyond the founders’ core competencies.

By infusing capital and adding infrastructure, we can enable businesses to realize their full potential while continuing to scale the revenue profitably.

Our Focus

We seek to minimize risk and maximize returns, meaning we only invest in companies with a clear predictable path to success.

We will consider all types of business software and service companies, and specifically focus on the following:

  • Enterprise Software
  • SMB Software
  • Vertical Market Software
  • Tech Enabled Managed Services
  • IT Consulting
  • Ecommerce Software