TheChecker, Email Verification Software, Acquired by Cache Ventures

Miami, Florida, January 11, 2021 ( - Cache Ventures, a venture studio, announced today the acquisition of TheChecker, a leading provider of email verification and list cleaning services trusted and used by thousands of forward-thinking companies in over 170 countries worldwide.

Founded in 2016, while building an email marketing platform 100% focused on performance and high inbox deliverability, TheChecker’s founding team became frustrated with the available solutions that were either too slow, unreliable, not user-friendly, or too expensive. From their own frustrations, combined with over 20 years of experience building and scaling digital products, they began developing a disruptive platform aimed to offer fast, accurate, and affordable email verification that any small business could use.

Over the next year, TheChecker and its existing team will work closely with the Cache Ventures organization to consolidate their infrastructure and existing customer base with Cache’s portfolio company, Blaze Verify. Customers will benefit not only from the enhanced performance of their combined infrastructure, but also from other products, such as list cleaning automation known as Monitor, and others still in development.

“We had a similar frustration when we began building Blaze Verify”, says Sean Heilweil, Cache Ventures CEO. “When I first met Bernardo over a year ago, it became clear that we needed to partner and dominate the email verification space together. I am excited by what the future holds for our team and I look forward to continuing to penetrate the global market with the guidance and help from Bernardo and his amazing team.”

Consumers spend 138% more as a result of email marketing when compared to consumers who don’t receive email offers at all. The importance of email marketing is further illustrated by an ROI of 28.5% which is almost four times more than direct mail. Sales and marketing teams invest a lot of money and time crafting winning email campaigns that accurately portray the value of products they’re selling.

Running successful campaigns requires a great deal of hard work and financial investment. However, when you send an email to an invalid address, you put all of that at risk. Up to 2% of email databases turn from assets into liabilities each month as lists decay. With a user-friendly dashboard and robust API, TheChecker will continue to offer a highly valuable tool for businesses looking to grow their revenues and significantly improve their email marketing strategies.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Sean, Jarrett and the entire Cache Ventures team. Since hearing about Blaze Verify, we recognized that they shared the same values: a high-quality product, ease of use, and ambition to become the global leader in this niche. Not to mention their tight cultural alignment with the company. We believe that’s the kind of partnership that can’t go wrong.” added Bernardo Rocha, TheChecker CEO.

TheChecker team will remain on to help facilitate growth, while Bernardo will serve as the Chief Product Officer going forward. Their products will continue to be sold as stand-alone solutions to any business that sends emails.

360 Family Office served as an advisor to Cache Ventures in the transaction.

About Cache Ventures

Cache Ventures is a venture studio that builds, advises, and invests in awesome companies. They’re the result of entrepreneurs collaborating to create a vision greater than the sum of their individual efforts. With offices located in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, they’re surrounded by like-minded companies with a passion for innovation, growth, and success. Learn more at

About Blaze Verify

Blaze Verify, an industry-leading email verification solution, provides real-time list cleaning that improves data quality, deliverability and email marketing ROI. With offices in Los Angeles and New York, Blaze Verify makes list cleaning accessible for businesses of all sizes. Providing user-friendly email verification solutions designed to improve email marketing campaigns, Blaze Verify helps businesses protect their domain reputation and save money while doing so. Learn more at

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About TheChecker

TheChecker is a leading provider of email verification and deliverability solutions making it easy and affordable for businesses to protect their email sending reputation and avoid inbox delivery issues that lead to loss of sales opportunities. Learn more at

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